Do mentors teach?

business mentoringYes, mentors teach! However, they do so not in the traditional mode of teachers but on a one-to-one basis involving the following:

  • Model behavior for the mentoree as to how to act in a given situation.
  • Inform the mentoree through information sharing or skill development.
  • Confirm information that the mentoree possesses for accuracy, completeness and usefulness.
  • Prescribe a course of action for the mentoree to follow when the mentoree is exploring an unfamiliar area and needs guidance.
  • Question the mentoree using the familiar “Active Listening” model, asking “Who? What? Why?” as a way of fully exploring an issue. Providing the answer is probably the least important aspect of a mentor’s responsibilities to his/her mentoree.  It’s in traveling the journey that the most valuable learning occurs. 
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