Statistics: Why having a mentor is important for your company

If you do some simple research on mentoring, you’ll discover that there are myriad articles and books dealing with the subject.  A cursory search on the World Wide Web will generate over 280,000 entries.  Why is so much being written about this topic?  Because more and more, people and organizations are recognizing the importance and value of mentoring

For example:

•     80% of CEOs polled have stated they have had mentors.

•     Access to mentors has given them insider knowledge and access to power.

•     Mentoring has assisted them in having careers that are fast tracked and
      forward moving, which they claim would have been much harder or impossible otherwise.

•     Data from an Emerging Workforce Study showed that 35% of employees who
      don’t receive regular mentoring plan to look for another job within 12


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