Is it okay for me to seek out a mentor?

I read a great post recently from HubSpot titled "How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?"

HubSpot's simple answer: "As long as it needs to be."

With that in mind, I've collected a short and sweet quote from our very own Rene Petrin that may help to answer the question: Is it okay for me to seek out a mentor?

Rene says: "Mentoring has a long and noble history. Unfortunately, that history is also tainted by misunderstanding. For example, believing that such relationships only occur spontaneously or when someone, a mentor, reaches out and selects someone as a mentoree. While this is exactly what occurs in some relationships, it is also true that one can seek out another and build a meaningful mentoring relationship. I believe that if people understand mentoring they have all they need to find their own mentors and set out on what may well be the journey of a lifetime."

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