3 Reasons Why You Need Mentors During Critical Phases in Career

find a mentorYou should have a mentor at each critical phase of your career. Mentoring is a critical process when undergoing career transitions such as:

  • Graduating and moving into your first job
  • Changing jobs or careers
  • Changing companies
  • Being "deselected" (laid off or fired)

 3 important reasons to have a mentor during critical phases in your career are:

  1. Technical advances such as the computer are requiring workers to remain current and “leading edge” in their competencies which leads to a new employer-employee paradigm grounded more in a client-consultant relationship.
  2. These advances and changed employer-employee relationship will require employees to have access to varying expertise in order to package themselves differently within this changing employment marketplace.
  3. Mentoring is a critical strategy within this fluctuating marketplace by linking you with others who have the expertise and knowledge you may need to keep your career competitive. For this reason, find a mentor early on in your career.

For more information on how mentoring fosters career advancement, check out our free white paper below:

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