2 Considerations While Matching Pairs For a Mentoring Program

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When matching pairs (mentors with mentorees) in a mentoring program, you are trying to match for two things: competencies and compatibility. Successfully matched pairs will make the difference between a successful mentoring program and an unsuccesful one.



Consideration #1: Competencies/Focus Areas


What are the focus areas or competencies that the mentoring pairs will work on?

As with most relationships, a mentoring relationship will typically have an end goal in mind. What is it that the pair should accomplish during their time together? Pair mentoring expertise with mentoree needs for development.

For example, the focus area may be "leadership." But leadership is a very broad term. Break it down further than this. What specific type of leadership? Leading a task force? Managing a work force? You want to be specific so you can enhance the match.


Consideration #2: Compatibility of the Match


Will these two people be able to work/communicate together?

It's important to create compatible matches. Without them, the program will be a bust. It is very important to consider personality preferences and traits to ensure compatibility between pairs. This starts with creating questionnaires for potential mentors/mentorees to fill out. These questionnaires are usually created by a Mentoring Program Manager (MPM).


*Note: Mentoring Complete offers Training for MPMs.


Ask questions on the questionnaire about communication styles, personality characteristics, work/life balance. Questions like: Do you prefer a mentor who is more business-like or more social? Refrain from asking useless questions like what is your favorite food? What is your favorite hobby? You are looking for questions that will add value to the matching process, and those types of questions generally do not.


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