9 Suggested Activities For Mentoring Pairs

activities_for_mentoring_pairsWhen I conduct quarterly sessions with mentoring pairs I get a lot of useful suggestions. The following are 9 suggested activities for mentoring pairs directly from people currently partaking in a corporate mentoring program:  

  1. Visit each other's worksite to learn more about what each of you do
  2. Introduce each partner to two new people to build a larger network
  3. Observe each other executing a presentation or leading a meeting
  4. Decide on a leadership or management resource which you both will review and discuss its importance in the mentoree's development
  5. Review the organizational chart together for a better understanding of how various components of the organization work and the key players in each
  6. Discuss two recent challenges faced by each of you, how you each handled these challenges and whether the outcomes were satisfactory or not.
  7. Take a company offered course together and share the learning
  8. Share with each other a person who has been most influential in your career and why.
  9. Discuss the wildest (think daredevil!) thing you've ever done


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