A Deeper Dive into Engagedly, Inc.

Last month, we announced that Engagedly, Inc. had acquired Mentoring Complete and other related content assets from Management Mentors.

It's an ideal match, since Engagedly specializes in employee engagement. What better way to boost engagement than through mentoring, right?

Still, we know many of our readers might have questions about Engagedly, so we wanted to provide a top-level overview of the company.

Where is Engagedly headquartered?

Engagedly is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, and it also has offices in Bangalore, India; London, England; and Logo-Engagedly14Sydney, Australia. Engagedly works with fast-growing companies of all sizes all over the world. Learn more about Engagedly's clients here.

What is Engagedly's mission, and how does that mission work with Mentoring Complete?

Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly, says it best: "Engagedly's mission is to improve employee engagement by making the workplace fun and motivating. Thanks to our acquisition of Mentoring Complete, we can expand our platform and our reach to help even more companies align and motivate their workforce."

What does Engagedly offer?

Engagedly offers a core software platform that helps savvy organizations address a range of issues, such as performance management, continuous feedback, objectives and key results (OKR), employee engagement, and goal setting. Now, thanks to its acquisition of Mentoring Complete, Engagedly also offers mentoring as well.

How has Engagedly evolved since its founding?

Engagedly has been steadily growing and expanding its offerings. Earlier this year, Engagedly launched Unified Employee Talent Insights, which provides an organization with holistic performance development and engagement information about each employee. This system helps monitor people's skills, contribution, and level of commitment to their current job.

Chellappa explains, "We are committed to innovative approaches to strengthen the workforce, and are always looking for ways to enhance the talent management experience for our customers. With additional offerings like Mentoring Complete, we can continue to extend our thesis that developing people is one of the key drivers of better organizational outcomes."

What's the best way to experience everything Engagedly has to offer?

Seeing is believing! Check out the Engagedly website and request a demo of this powerful suite of products (including Mentoring Complete!).

Request a demo with Engagedly!

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