5 Reasons To Take Our Executive Mentoring e-Learning Course

executive_mentorWe recently launched an e-learning course for executive mentors. Here are five reasons why it might be the perfect course for you to take.

  1. You're in a senior-level position within your organization. This would indicate that you've achieved a certain amount of knowledge about not only the company you work for, but also the business world in general. Our course shows you how to share this knowledge with high-potential employees.
  1. You're thinking of retiring in the next 5-10 years. Again, this suggests that you've attained a certain amount of success and experience, both of which are valuable and that you shouldn't necessarily take away from the organization once you retire. By becoming an executive mentor, you can share your experience and insights with others. Consider it your legacy, if you will.
  1. You want to mentor high-potential employees, but you don't know how. Executive mentoring is a bit different from traditional one-to-one mentoring (which we discuss in more depth here). This course teaches you about those differences and equips you to meet the challenges of mentoring high-potential people.
  1. You attempted mentoring in the past, but you kept falling into the "management" trap. While basic mentoring comes naturally to most of us, it's easy for senior-level leaders to end up "managing" more than "mentoring." This course shows you how to back off and let the mentoree do the heavy lifting (a skill that will likely make you a better manager overall).
  1. You believe in developing tomorrow's leaders. This is the heart and soul of what executive mentoring is all about. As a strong leader yourself, it's natural to want to help the up-and-comers reach their full potential. It's a good thing for the company…and the world.

Does this sound like you? Then, take our executive mentoring e-learning course now!


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